Homelife and Business

I get bored easily and I love finding ways to serve others and also make money. This is why I have so many businesses. I have been told by some to find a “niche” but what if Michaelangelo had been limited to only architecture then we would never have seen his great sculptures. Now, I am not comparing myself to the great Michaelangelo, however, I don’t want to be limited either. It has been a challenge to try and combine all my interests and use my talents in a way that God would want. Especially when I am sometimes struck with “mom guilt”.

My store is going well and the kids are growing and are happy – so “mom guilt” can just shut up!! I will post more on how I manage to (try) and balance it all later… but for now: I am going to go back to what I really love – writing. Spending time with family, gardening, homeschooling – SO many things!!!

Y’all – Have a great Tuesday!!