10 Spring Activities to do with your family

Spring Activities for Kids

Great Ways of Celebrating Spring with Your Young Children - Middle Schoolers

After a long winter, your children may have spring fever. You may be looking for great ways of celebrating spring with your young children. These ideas may provide you with things you can do together, or get your creative juices flowing to come up with activities of your own.

Get Outside

The weather should be warmer which makes outdoor activities particularly appealing, especially after what seemed like a winter which wouldn’t end. Think of different things you can do outdoors:

* Go fly a kite. Children love to fly kites. Springtime is perfect for this activity. The winds are often blustery and will make a kite soar through the sky.

* Go on a picnic. Young children yearn to be outdoors after being cooped up all winter. Pack a lunch, a blanket and bundle the children up to enjoy a picnic as early in the spring as you can.

* Go to the park. Let your children run and play at the park. Walk around and look for the signs of spring such as flowers blooming, insects and trees budding out.

* Go for a bike ride. Bike rides are a great activity for young children to celebrate spring. This will allow them to burn off excess energy and get much-needed exercise.

* Make a bird house. Spring is the time birds make their way back to our yards. Wouldn’t it be great to provide them with a new home? These can be made with kits you can purchase or small pieces of wood. Instructions can be found in craft books as well as online.

* Plant a garden. Most children love to get their hands dirty and enjoy watching things grow. Prepare a small area in your yard for your children to plant a small garden. Let them choose to plant flowers, vegetables or both.

Go On A Nature Photoshoot. Grab your phone or even an "old school" 35mm/digital camera and create a Photo Scavenger hunt! Fun for all ages.

Stay Inside

Sometimes in early spring the weather varies from day to day. There might be sunshine and blue skies one day. The next day it may be cold and rainy. Luckily, you can also celebrate spring indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

* Go through magazines and find images of spring. Allow young children to cut out pictures of flowers, baby animals or other things associated with spring. Then let them create a springtime scrapbook by gluing the pictures on colored paper. This activity will help young children improve manual dexterity as well as help them recognize items related to a specific season.

* Bake springtime cookies. Start with simple sugar cookie dough. Roll the dough out to about 1/4” thick. Let your young children use spring-related cookie cutters. These might include four-leaf clovers, lambs, flowers, butterflies or birds. You can also decorate the cookies using pre-made frosting, candies or colored sugar.

* Make paper flowers. Using pastel-colored tissue paper, cut out circles of different sizes. Pinch the center of the circle and draw your hand over it to the ends. Do this with all of the tissue circles. Gather several of these together to create a flower and then twist or tie these together. Wrap the ends with green chenille stems to act as the flower’s stem.

These are a few of the great ways of celebrating spring with your young children. Think of the things your children enjoy and try to incorporate them into spring’s days. You will enjoy being together and possibly outdoors where you can enjoy the great springtime weather.