And then God laughs....

Have you ever heard the saying that "man makes plans and God laughs"?

That's what the last two years have felt like at times. Not a mean, "ha ha - you screwed up" laugh, but a " oh, that's cute, they have no idea what's ahead..." laugh. Looking back now I see that 

Proverbs 16:9 

The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.

This is more the heart of God. 

We moved to Georgia with one plan and we are moving home to Indiana with a different plan.  Both God established, this I don't doubt. This time we are taking with us some valuable lessons, a closer relationship with our heavenly Father, and the bond of Christian fellowship.

I'm so thankful for finding a church in Georgia with believers that live a life of hunger for the Word and a move of the Holy Spirit. I found true kindred friends and I feel like we will forever be bonded with the Legacy Church. I'm going to miss my new friends, but it's not "goodbye"!

I learned to be more loving... for those that know me, know I am pretty much a "straight shooter"... but now I've learned to hold back a bit more. Listen to the Holy Spirit, and gauge with love. I still will call out for truth, its what God put in me,  just maybe not in a way that may embarrass someone! I'm also a little more easy going. I have found its getting easier for me to deal with sudden plan changes. God has all this under control. There is an unexplainable peace in that. 

So, here is to the new beginning of our next adventure! Moving home to Indiana. Renovation of our farmhouse. Beginning of new business and continuing to grow some current business. Not to forget to mention: homeschooling, family, and homesteading!