How it all began…

I love all things vintage – and farm related! After years of estate sales and treasure hunting I have decided to open my own (online) store. One day I have the dream to have an actual storefront…but that is another story…

My store features hard to find vintage pieces and reproduction pieces that embody the golden days of the 1920’s on. Vintage and Farmhouse decor to meet your homes style. I hope you stop by often to see our new additions!

How it all began…

Growing up I loved visiting my grandparents farmhouse. It was a small house that overlooked a pasture with sloping wooded hills and a  charming pond. I always dreamed of living in a farmhouse with my own animals, barn and orchard. A place for the kids to roam and my future grandchildren to create their own dreams. At an early age I began collecting items found around the farm, through farm and estate sales – attics and even a few trash bins!

 The Homestead Farm (Our house) circa 1880

 My Grandparents Farm

Fast forward about 20 years…..

After multiple moves and multiple states we settled into my husbands family home. Originally purchased in 1851 (hence the “est.1851” name), we are the 6th generation to own and care for the house and farm.

 The Homestead est.1851