Stay Gold Pony Boy – Teaching the Outsiders

Although we homeschool, I am not calling my kids “Outsiders”! No, we are covering the Outsiders book by S.E. Hinton.

This Spring we are diving into one of the classics. I, of course, had to tell the kids that my group of friends and I used the names from this book to write in code during school. I was Pony… there was also a “Soda”,”Darry”, “Dally” and code names for the boys we liked as well. This made it easy if our letters to each other were ever caught and read out loud in class!

Sometimes I wish my kids were in school to experience these same innocent activities, but then I am so thankful that I have been able to help guide them through these adolescent years and see them grow in their giftings.

{NOTE: I am NOT against public or private schools! In fact we have done a hybrid of home school and private. I value our educators…}

Here is a great link to an Outsiders book study that I found.

I am having the kids create their own book folder using a lot of the material found here. I ordered the books from Amazon – THIS BOOK has some great insight from the Author and some chapter questions as well.